Cabot Greek Yogurt Review

18 Sep

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Well, it ties with dinner for number one. Greek yogurt is my absolute favorite quick breakfast. It’s amazing, you can use it for smoothies, in place of sour cream or mayo, just eat it as is, there are tons of ways to use it. I’ve been eating Greek yogurt for a long time and it has definitely assisted my journey to health. I love that it has so much protein! I’ve always been a Chobani girl, in my mind they are the Greek yogurt masters. That’s why I was a little skeptical when I looked in the fridge and saw Cabot Vanilla Bean Greek yogurt. They make cheese, right? What on earth could they know about delicious, creamy yogurt?

Greek yogurt

Apparently a lot. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the container was these black specks. Are those… actual vanilla beans…? Why yes, yes they are. I know, my mind was blown too. I’ve seen a lot of yogurt in my day, and never have I once seen actual vanilla beans in vanilla yogurt. My skepticism turned into excitement!

Greek yogurt

Before I made my delicious breakfast, I decided to try the yogurt first. It was rich and creamy and delicious. You can taste that the vanilla flavor is natural and real. The yogurt is so thick and creamy that you can tell you’ll get full off of less than the 1 cup serving size. There is a slightly bitter aftertaste, but I think all Greek yogurt that isn’t loaded with sugary fruit on the bottom is like that. It is in my experience, at least. I need to go back to the flavor of Cabot Greek yogurt, it’s amazing. It tastes so real and natural and perfect. Why did I have a breakfast burrito today?

As always, I looked at the nutrition facts and noticed that the calories, carbs and sugars are higher than Chobani’s vanilla Greek yogurt, but that’s not a big deal to me. Cabot has more calcium and is fortified with vitamins. Greek yogurt is generally healthy, so I’m not too worried about nutrition facts as long as there’s no trans fat.

Then I made my delicious breakfast! 3/4 cup of Cabot vanilla bean Greek yogurt, 1 sliced up banana, and a small handful of cashews with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon! Oh man, it was good. I would definitely recommend trying it! It’s delicious, creamy, thick Greek yogurt that you can put just about any fruit, cereal, granola, or nut in!

Greek yogurt

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